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PyroCCSClimate Tech

PyroCCS Climate Tech Growth Stage

PyroCCS Website

Growth Stage

PyroCCS is advancing the permanent sequestration of atmospheric CO2 by pyrolysis of biomass. Trustventure continuously supports PyroCCS with the creation of financial models, as well as the capital raising process and being a close sparring partner to PyroCCS’s management.


How.fm Software Growth Stage

How.fm Website

Growth Stage

How.fm offers an all-in-one digital training platform for warehouse worker training and performance support. Trustventure supports the how.fm management in financial planning as well as in controlling and reporting tasks, partly tailored to the requests and needs of the VC investors.


LEAV Growth Stage

LEAV Website

Growth Stage

LEAV is a German airline based in Cologne with flights to the Canary Islands and Greece. Trustventure supported LEAV in a buy-side financial due diligence for a potential acquisition of another airline.

World Host GroupPrivate Equity & Venture Capital

World Host Group Private Equity & Venture Capital Growth Stage

World Host Group Website

Growth Stage

World Host Group is a web hosting and domain name provider, with 20+ brands and a global customer base. Trustventure advises WHG on financial due diligence as well as controlling and reporting.

moneymeetsFinancial Services

moneymeets Financial Services Growth Stage

moneymeets Website

Growth Stage

moneymeets develops customer-centric advisory software for banks and insurance companies. Trustventure supported moneymeets with the creation of an integrated financial model as well as in the preparation of a financing round, in particular in the creation of pitch decks and preparation for investor meetings.


tenac.io Healthcare Early Stage

tenac.io Website

Early Stage

tenac.io offers a healthtech platform that provides individualized risk assessment and actionable treatment recommendations for patients with cardiovascular disease based on clinical data. In collaboration with Trustventure, tenac.io has succeeded in implementing a controlling and reporting structure that fosters transparency and consolidates corporate planning.

Nadine WestE-commerce

Nadine West E-commerce Mature

Nadine West Website


Nadine West is an online fashion subscription provider focused on women in the US. Trustventure created an integrated business plan and a Liquidity planning for the startup Nadine West.

REHAU New VenturesPrivate Equity & Venture Capital

REHAU New Ventures Private Equity & Venture Capital Mature

REHAU New Ventures Website


Through innovation in products, services and business models REHAU New Ventures wants to improve how we live and how we build. Trustventure supported the Rehau New Ventures team in financial planning, support and valuation of individual ventures as well as in the evaluation of the portfolio as basis for funding decisions.


AmpHerr Automotive Early Stage

AmpHerr Website

Early Stage

ampherr delivers smart energy storage systems for all kinds of electrical vehicles and stationary applications. In preparation for a funding round, Trustventure created a teaser deck for Ampherr as well as a revised financial plan to appeal to potential investors.

World Hosting DaysMedia & Entertainment

World Hosting Days Media & Entertainment Mature

World Hosting Days Website


World Hosting Days is the organizer of CLOUDFEST, MSP Global and NamesCon Global. Trustventure acted as financial advisor for the management of World Hosting Days.


Genki Healthcare Early Stage

Genki Website

Early Stage

Genki is a health-centric ecosystem and community for digital nomads that offers superior health insurance services. Trustventure supports the genki team in daily financial tasks such as financial planning, controlling and liquidity management. We also provide support in fundraising and the following investor relations management.


Buena Proptech Growth Stage

Buena Website

Growth Stage

Buena is offering a software for improving efficiencies for property managers. Trustventure supported the management of Buena in financial planning as well as in a monthly controlling and reporting mandate.


Rytle Automotive Growth Stage

Rytle Website

Growth Stage

Rytle offers self-sufficient mobile depots, electrically powered cargo bikes with interchangeable function for standardized transport boxes and a suitable software platform that connects all parties involved in real time. Trustventure supports Rytle with controlling and reporting on financial developments to its board of directors, and with the overhaul and creation of a financial model and liquidity management.

KavallConsumer Goods & Retail

Kavall Consumer Goods & Retail Exit

Kavall Website


Kavall is a quick commerce grocery startup that focuses on delivering goods under 10 minutes, right to your door. Trustventure supported Kavall's management in the conceptualisation and creation of a complex financial model.


Reos Proptech Growth Stage

Reos Website

Growth Stage

Reos offers pioneering management of residential properties and modern asset classes such as micro living and neighborhoods. In the collaboration, Trustventure supported Reos in the preparation of financing rounds as well as strategic and operational challenges in the area of finance.


Kauz Software Growth Stage

Kauz Website

Growth Stage

Kauz offers an NLU chatbot platform for B2B customers, solving the problem of insufficient chatbot language understanding, independent development, and high costs for training and further development of chatbots. Trustventure supported Kauz in creating financial transparency regarding the company's development. In addition to creating a strategic corporate plan and mapping the resulting financial effects, Trustventure supported by developing a strategy deck with analyses of the company, product and technology, market and competition, sales and finance.

RawSkillMedia & Entertainment

RawSkill Media & Entertainment Early Stage

RawSkill Website

Early Stage

RawSkill allows you to compete against other gamers online and earn money through good game performance. Trustventure supported RawSkill during multiple fundraising rounds, as well as serving as a sparring partner for multiple, strategic issues.

CREEDConsumer Goods & Retail

CREED Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage

CREED Website

Early Stage

With the Double Spring Box, CREED offers an innovative and award-winning sleep system that turns any existing bed into a box spring bed and impresses with its minimalist design. Together with Trustventure, CREED prepared and revised business plans and could optimally prepare for capital raises.


NEOSTARTER Software Early Stage


Early Stage

The NEOSTARTER team is working on a unique startup platform that enables founders, experts, investors and companies to interact in an uncomplicated way and create a unique digital ecosystem. Trustventure supported during the development of a business plan and an indicative company valuation according to the VC method in order to create the basis for approaching potential capital providers


Iamhero Software Early Stage


Early Stage

I AM HERO offers a career platform that connects talents with the job that best matches their qualifications via AI-based technology. Trustventure supported the raise of capital round and the creation of a integrated financial model


EuerZuhause.de Proptech Early Stage

EuerZuhause.de Website

Early Stage

As a lead generation platform, Euerzuhause.de connects potential buyers of prefabricated houses with the manufacturers of prefabricated houses. Trustventure supported the plausibilization of the business model of Euerzuhause.de and provided a comprehensive company valuation.

DarréConsumer Goods & Retail

Darré Consumer Goods & Retail Mature

Darré Website


Darré is an owner-managed traditional store with a history of more than 90 years. The store with over 40 employees on 1,800 m² is located in the center of Giessen and is considered an innovative company in the shoe retail industry thanks to multiple awards - including the "August Blanke Award" of the ANWR, the TEMP Award or the "Shoe Courier Award". Trustventure supported Darré by creating an integrated financial model, numerous future scenarios with different developments were simulated and evaluated

ShipSheipConsumer Goods & Retail

ShipSheip Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage

ShipSheip Website

Early Stage

SHIPSHEIP offers ecofaire production and local crafts, to order directly or design yourself. Trustventure supported SHIPSHEIP to gain transparency of their financial status in order to manage liquidity adequately.

BrainWebPrivate Equity & Venture Capital

BrainWeb Private Equity & Venture Capital Mature

BrainWeb Website


BrainWeb investment is an private equity firm, focused on investment into funds. Trustventure supports the management of BrainWeb within the scope of a portfolio controlling and reporting mandate.

_blaenkConsumer Goods & Retail

_blaenk Consumer Goods & Retail Growth Stage

_blaenk Website

Growth Stage

_blaenk is becoming a hybrid omnichannel marketplace for innovative lifestyle products. Trustventure created an integrated business plan for the startup _blaenk and supported the creation of transparency between management and investors.

firstwireFinancial Services

firstwire Financial Services Growth Stage

firstwire Website

Growth Stage

firstwire is a digital and decentralized marketplace where debt issuers and investors match their transactions using blockchain technology Trustventure supported the raise of an Series A fundraising round.


getanote Software Early Stage

getanote Website

Early Stage

getanote facilitates the sending and receiving of messages without having to enter personal phone numbers. Trustventure supported the raise of capital round and the creation of an integrated financial model.


SANMUNDO Healthcare Growth Stage


Growth Stage

Sanmundo provides science-based digital health courses that are 100% reimbursable by the top health insurers in the country Trustventure supported Sanmundo during the preparation of a fundraising round, focusing on the conception of an equity story, the creation of a pitch deck as well as an integrated financial model.


Testerheld Software Early Stage

Testerheld Website

Early Stage

Testerheld offers a platform where users can earn money online as a product tester. Trustventure supported Testerheld with guidance on their M&A activities.


onnoplus Software Growth Stage

onnoplus Website

Growth Stage

onnoplus offers a platform where brands can track and manage their online reputation. Trustventure supported with the overhaul and creation of a financial model

inioConsumer Goods & Retail

inio Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage

inio Website

Early Stage

INIO conceptualizes a daylight lamp which is designed to create ideal physio psychological lighting conditions in a visually appealing way. Trustventure supported the inio team in creating an integrated financial planning model and then derived a business valuation for Rehau New Ventures.

WONDERWALLConsumer Goods & Retail

WONDERWALL Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage


Early Stage

WONDERWALL is creating sustainable interior design pieces for the Chinese Market Trustventure supported the Wonderall team in creating an integrated financial planning model and then derived a business valuation for Rehau New Ventures.

rebadoConsumer Goods & Retail

rebado Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage


Early Stage

rebado is building innovative wall and tile surfaces for design commercial bathrooms Trustventure supported the plausibilization of the business model of rebado and provided a comprehensive company valuation.


Insaas.ai Software Early Stage

Insaas.ai Website

Early Stage

insaas.ai provides innovative software for tailor-made products and market research. Trustventure supported insaas.ai in financial planning, controlling and the preparation of pitch and financial decks, to secure equity financing from angel and venture capital investors.

RAUSGEGANGENMedia & Entertainment

RAUSGEGANGEN Media & Entertainment Growth Stage


Growth Stage

Rausgegangen.de offers highly curated event planning and the best place to discover where to go out in multiple cities in Germany, every day. Trustventure supported RAUSGEGANGEN.de with the overhaul and creation of a financial model

bathrenuConsumer Goods & Retail

bathrenu Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage


Early Stage

bathrenu is modernizing the renovation industry in the US using technology to streamline the process of remodeling residential homes. Trustventure supported the bathrenu team in creating an integrated financial planning model and then derived a business valuation for Rehau New Ventures.


aifora Software Exit

aifora Website


aifora uses artificial intelligence to forecast consumer demand per article, location and channel in order to make optimal merchandising decisions. As part of a company sale, Trustventure supported the aifora team in the preparation and management of the data room as well as in the organisation and successful completion of the entire transaction process. Trustventure also advised aifora's Management Team on the preparation and execution of the Exit process with active support in Due Diligence, Q&A and SPA-Negotiation within the transaction.

HomerideConsumer Goods & Retail

Homeride Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage

Homeride Website

Early Stage

HomeRide provides CO 2-free deliveries of products from local retailers, the same day at the desired time. Trustventure supports Homeride in preparing an integrated planning and controlling model and regularly implements the actual financial data in the controlling model as part of a controlling mandate.


circuly. Software Early Stage

circuly. Website

Early Stage

Circurly helps businesses launching subscription-based models for their products and offers a software-as-a-service solution to manage and scale subscription operations. Trustventure supported the circuly team on short notice in the financial planning process in preparation for a financing round.