Case Studies

Advise for global web hosting and domain provider

Trustventure supported World Host Group in building the backbone of its buy-and-build strategy – a scalable and flexible controlling and reporting solution fostering transparency about acquisitions and growth.

Backed by Equivia, a network of skilled entrepreneurs and founders in the hosting domain, World Host Group is a buy-and-build hosting company.

The management team of Seb de Lemos (CEO) and Dominic Taylor (CTO) has a proven track record in executing buy-and-build strategies, as seen in their previous success with Paragon Internet, later acquired by Host Europe Group.

In its capacity, Trustventure guided World Host Group in the fundamental enhancement of financial transparency. This involved uncovering paths for improvement in accounting and reporting, and establishing an adaptable solution capable of facilitating comprehensive group reporting to financiers and shareholders.

Additionally, Trustventure advises World Host Group in the preparation and execution of add-on acquisition with its due diligence services through which it provided transparency and reduced transaction risks.

Hence, in its role as the financial advisor to World Host Group, Trustventure serves as a facilitator of transparency for shareholders and financiers, fostering a trajectory of traceable and risk-balanced growth.

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