Case Studies

Business Planning and Controlling for Startups in the Retail Industry

Trustventure created an integrated business plan for the startup _blaenk and supported the creation of transparency between management and investors.

_blaenk is becoming a hybrid omnichannel marketplace for innovative lifestyle products. Both stationary in top locations and online, consumers are offered personalized, experience-oriented shopping. The focus is on high-quality lifestyle products from startups, emerging brands, and established corporations from all consumer brand categories: From Fashion to Food to Technology.

By implementing controlling & reporting mechanisms, transparency within the management and to investors was strengthened and strategic decisions were made more data-driven.

After a completed seed financing round and the onboarding of new investors, controlling & reporting mechanisms were introduced in order to create clarity about the company’s development and to communicate this transparently with all relevant stakeholders on a regular and standardized basis.

Regular and transparent communication led to strengthened investor relations and enabled _blaenk to secure follow-on financing. In addition, the creation of an integrated corporate plan and the modeling of various strategic alignments enabled a
data-driven pivot.

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