Case Studies

Managing and Monitoring Complex Investments

Trustventure helps BrainWeb Investiments to keep track of their investments performance and maintain transparency in their portfolio.

BrainWeb Investment is a multi-faceted investor, focusing on start-ups, venture capital, and private equity funds. The company is a limited partner in well-established private equity funds such as Oakley Capital, venture capital firms like Cavalry Ventures, and impact investors like the Ananda Impact Fund.

Due to the diverse nature of its investments, BrainWeb has a large and complex portfolio to manage and monitor. To help process the quarterly updates and assess performance, Trustventure developed a controlling model to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the financial status of the assets.

Aggregating relevant KPIs from reports with differing structures can be a time-consuming task for investors. However, through the integration of a systematic reporting methodology, Trustventure has facilitated a smoother process for BrainWeb Investment.

This has helped BrainWeb to keep track of its investment performance and get a holistic overview of its portfolio.

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