Case Studies

Supporting an InsurTech Startup in All Areas of Finance

Trustventure supports Genki’s fundraising and financial operations.

Genki is an international fully remote startup focusing on improving health and building a healthcare ecosystem for digital nomads and frequent travelers around the world.

Trustventure provided Genki with financial modeling, fundraising and due diligence support as they sought to raise their pre-seed funding round.

Our team of experienced professionals provided financial modeling expertise, expert fundraising management, and due diligence support, which were all critical to Genki’s fundraising success.

Genki successfully raised €700,000 from experienced investors, enabling the company to launch their first product, the World Explorer, and continue growing their team. Additionally, Trustventure consulted on Genki’s oversubscribed bridge round, raising an additional €200,000.

Following the successful fundraising rounds, Trustventure has continued working with Genki, taking over financial operations such as controlling.

Overall, Trustventure’ support and expertise in financial modeling, fundraising management, and due diligence support have been invaluable to Genki’s fundraising efforts, and our continued support has enabled the company to grow and thrive. We are committed to providing high-quality support and guidance to all of our clients and look forward to continuing our partnership with Genki.

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