Future is enabled by Trust


trust; noun [\ ˈtrəst]: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

Trust is the basis of all human relationships. Good relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues are the starting point for successful cooperation. These relationships are based on mutual trust and a shared enthusiasm for entrepreneurial activity. We support the establishment and development of trusting relationships.

venture; noun [\ ˈven(t)-shər]: an undertaking
involving chance and risk

Venture creates opportunities for entrepreneurial and social development. The future belongs to those who dare to venture into new and unknown territory. We share the passion for bold and innovative business decisions and support companies in rethinking entire business areas.

We are partners of courageous companies and companions on new paths.

As entrepreneurs, consultants and investors we work hand in hand with our clients in the belief in Trust and Venture.





Venture Capitalist vs Angel Investor

Venture Capitalist vs Angel Investor

Die Entscheidung, Ihr Unternehmen auf die nächste Stufe zu heben, ist ein großer Schritt, und es gibt viele verschiedene Wege, die Sie einschlagen können. Eine der häufigsten Entscheidungen, die...

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Does Trustventure invest in startups?

Trustventure is not an investor, but a management consultancy and therefore does not invest capital in startups.

What services does Trustventure offer?

Trustventure provides support in creating financial transparency, preparing financing rounds, carrying out transaction processes, implementing value-enhancing measures, and overcoming challenges. Details can be found on the relevant page. During an initial meeting, the optimal combination of services is determined for each client and an individual offer is prepared.

Is Trustventure taking on interim CFO positions?

No, Trustventure does not offer an interim CFO position. However, the consultation covers many areas of activity for a CFO. In this way, areas of finance activity can be divided between Trustventure and the client company, and a solid basis can be created until the suitable person is hired.

Can Trustventure provide support even if there is already a CFO in the company? How does Trustventure work with a CFO?

Sofern im Unternehmen bereits ein CFO angestellt ist, kann Trustventure Tätigkeiten übernehmen, die die/der CFO aufgrund mangelnder zeitlicher Ressourcen nicht bewältigen kann. Darüber hinaus unterstützt Trustventure bei strategischen Fragestellungen und berät die/den CFO/Finanzverantwortliche/n Projektspezifisch.

What are the pricing models?

Billing is either on a daily rate basis or with a monthly fixed amount, depending on the agreed services and project. All clients receive an individual offer.

What requirements does a company have to meet in order to ensure that working together is possible without any problems?

The work in the finance area of the company requires a solid data basis in order to be able to make reliable statements. Therefore, a proper data basis is indispensable for the preparation of internal analyses, reporting and controlling. This is usually provided by the accounting department.

In fundraising preparation in the pre-seed or seed area, it is also possible to work together without a data basis from accounting. Here, it is necessary to analyze/verify assumptions made and to use these as a data basis with reference to their validity.