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Increased security for all stakeholders in valuation discussions

An up-to-date and well-founded company valuation is highly relevant in different company phases. It quantifies the impact of the achieved progress and planned development of the company and is fundamental information for different stakeholder groups.

We offer a comprehensive valuation process where we add value beyond the valuation itself. Based on the information provided, we conduct workshops to discuss areas relevant to the valuation, such as the business model and financial planning, and identify potential weaknesses in the business model.

We provide a tailored valuation report in accordance with current valuation standards (e.g., IDW S1).

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Workshops Relevant workshops to deepen understanding and potentially identify weaknesses in the business model
Assess Qualitative assessment of all relevant business components and plans
Data2 Verification of the valuation with different valuation methods and models
Search financial Quantitative company valuation in line with applicable valuation standards (e.g. NACVA/EACVA, IDW S1, IPEV)

What you get

Process steps

  • 1

    Preparation of the valuation process

    As part of the preparation, the scope as well as the schedule of the valuation process is coordinated, according to the management's expectations. In addition, dates are set for joint workshops to discuss relevant areas of business.

  • 2

    Assessment of economic fundamentals, market and business model

    After starting the valuation process, we assess and analyze legal as well as economic fundamentals, the market and competitive situation, and the company’s business model. We conduct the assessment by validating the provided information with independent research and with joint workshops.

  • 3

    Verification of financial planning

    We analyze and assess actual and planned financial data provided by the portfolio company for qualitative and quantitative integrity. We deepen our understanding of the portfolio company’s financial planning during financial planning workshops, showcase weaknesses and provide improvement of the planning, depending on the agreed scope of the valuation.

  • 4

    Valuation and documentation

    We deduct a conclusive, quantitative valuation of the company. The valuation is verified with different valuation models, assessed qualitatively, and presented in a comprehensive valuation report.

Hear from our clients

Working with Trustventure gives me peace of mind because I know that all finance related matters are being taken care of in the most professional way without our founding team having to lose focus on organizational growth.

Farhoud Cheraghi Co-Founder

With Trustventure, we have a professional partner at our side with whom we were able to set up our financial processes in a strategic and structured manner, especially during the growth phase.

Kjell Ole Beckmann Managing Director REOS

The tools that Trustventure has developed for are super structured and allow us to plan solidly for the future. The team quickly and reliably develop solutions that meet the requirements and implements all of our ideas.

Dr. Georg van Husen Co-Founder

Join us in supporting the industry leaders of tomorrow

We are always on the lookout for top-tier talent to join us and further drive the growth of our clients and Trustventure.

We preach flat hierarchies, an ongoing, steep learning curve as well as taking on responsibility starting in the early days.


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