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Trustventure’s Successful Debut of FINE in Berlin

Our Founders and Investors Networking Event (FINE) Berlin was a great success! Thanks to all the amazing people that attended, we managed to bring together a vibrant community of like-minded people. If you couldn't make it this time, here's a recap of everything you missed.


The Trustventure team is happy to announce the successful debut of FINE Berlin and thank all the amazing people who participated. If you couldn’t attend the event, we suggest you read the post to get a full recap of that memorable night. We hope to see all of you at future events!


What is FINE

In partnership with La French Tech and sponsored by HEUKING, we recently hosted the Founders and Investors Networking Event (FINE) in Berlin. The event took place at Gebrüder Fritz Locations on February 2nd and brought together a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts for an evening of networking, pitches, and collaboration.

Trustventure’s goal with FINE is to offer attendees a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore groundbreaking ideas in the startup ecosystem. And we are proud to say that we successfully achieved it. That night, participants immersed themselves in a dynamic atmosphere filled with drinks, music, and engaging pitches from early-stage startups.


Who attended

With nearly 70 participants, including investors, sponsors, and partners, FINE showcased a diverse lineup of early-stage startups representing various industries, each with a unique vision and potential for innovation. From technology and healthcare to sustainability and AI, attendees had the chance to explore a wide range of exciting projects.


The structure

FINE stands out for its very unique structure, offering participants different opportunities to engage and share ideas.


Speed Pitching

The speed-pitching session was certainly the highlight of the evening!

The fast-paced pitching format where startups delivered rapid-fire elevator pitches, lasting 60-90 seconds, allowed founders to capture the attention of multiple investors and stakeholders, offering a glimpse into their innovative projects.



Pitch Sessions

In addition to speed-pitching, attendees also had the opportunity to delve into more elaborate presentations during pitch sessions. During this segment of the event, 16 founders showcased their projects in detail and investors provided valuable feedback and insight.



Networking Opportunities

FINE provided ample networking opportunities, with an open bar, DJ, and delicious food adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Attendees mingled with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and partners, forging new connections and collaborations.



The event’s success underscores the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the startup community’s passion for bringing together creative people from diverse backgrounds to connect, inspire, and elevate ideas.


The feedback

Thank you for organizing and hosting this great event! Speed-pitching was fun and hopefully also fruitful ;)” – Yasmin Stokinger | Founder heyyoli

Thank you Trustventure for putting the evening together. I enjoyed myself plus met some great people.” – Tabitha Tangherlini | Founder, nKoto

Thanks for setting up this event, all the inspiring pitches, and also in such a great location! Hope there will be a follow-up soon.” – Andrea Brandt | CEO, Digital Latam

“It was great! Thank you Trustventure for bringing so many people with bold ambitions together.” – Servet Karadeniz | Senior Consultant, BearingPoint

“Thank you for the organization and invitation! Great pitches, nice people, valuable connections” Charlotte Küppers | Investment Analyst, DvH Ventures


The future

Inspired by FINE’s success, we look ahead, envisioning future events that will continue to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in the startup ecosystem.

If you’d like to stay tuned for coming events and opportunities to join our community of forward-thinkers and innovators, make sure to visit and keep an eye on our LinkedIn page.


Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in making FINE a memorable and impactful event!

We see you next time,

Trustventure Team 🚀

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