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Comprehensive Financial Support in The Fundraising Process for an eSports Startup

Together with Trustventure, RawSkill revolutionizes the eSports sector.

As the first competitive eSports community, RawSkill offers the opportunity to compete for cash prizes in video games.

In doing so, the RawSkill team pays particular attention to preventing  attempts at cheating in online play by centrally recording the score through RawSkill’s patent-pending software. In this way, it is not possible for users to manually edit game results. A fair game for all sides is the result. RawSkill currently supports the FIFA soccer simulation via the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and XBox One consoles. In the future, however, the team plans to expand its offer to other games.

RawSkill was able to close its seed funding round as part of its collaboration with Trustventure and is preparing for its next funding round in cooperation with Trustventure.
Trustventure supported RawSkill in the preparation of the seed funding round.

Part of the preparation included the preparation of documents required for the financing round, the structuring of investor approaches, and advice during the due diligence process. In this context, Trustventure provided support, particularly in the execution of the Q&A and the management of communication between all parties involved.

Trustventure advises RawSkill strategically and on the planning and execution of follow-up financing rounds.

In any emergency situation or uncertainty, I could always reach out to Trustventure. Especially for a professional appearance towards investors, it was incredibly important for us to have an experienced partner on our side who understands both finance and startups.

Robert Naftaliev Co-Founder at RawSkill

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