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Creating Financial Transparency for a Software Startup

Trustventure supports Kauz with issues regarding financial business development.

Kauz offers an NLU chatbot platform for B2B customers, solving the problem of insufficient chatbot language understanding, independent development, and high costs for training and further development of chatbots. The platform approach continuously increases response quality and benefits from cumulative intelligence as well as high adaptability. In this way, the further development costs for chatbots decrease, while their quality constantly increases.

The Düsseldorf-based company around founder Dr. Thomas Rüdel was founded in 2016 and has already celebrated considerable successes since then. To date, more than 150 customers have been reached and well over 3 million conversations have been conducted by Kauz chatbots.

Trustventure was commissioned by Kauz to create transparency with regard to the company’s financial development.

Trustventure supported Kauz in creating financial transparency regarding the company’s development. In addition to creating a strategic corporate plan and mapping the resulting financial effects, Trustventure supported by developing a strategy deck with analyses of the company, product and technology, market and competition, sales and finance.

The work with Trustventure was at eye level, efficient and solution-oriented. We were able to gain important insights not only in the finance topics that are important to us, but also in the discussion of strategic goals, which we are using for our further scaling.

Dr. Thomas Rüdel Co-Founder at Kauz


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