Case Studies

Supporting a Mature Company in Decision-Making with Financial Models

By working closely with Trustventure, a well-founded basis for decision-making was created for the long-term orientation
of the company.

Darré is an owner-managed traditional store with a history of more than 90 years. The store with over 40 employees on 1,800 m² is located in the center of Giessen and is considered an innovative company in the shoe retail industry thanks to multiple awards – including the “August Blanke Award” of the ANWR, the TEMP Award or the “Shoe Courier Award”.

By creating a mathematical model, numerous future scenarios with different developments were simulated and evaluated.

After analyzing the current situation of the company and reviewing the historical financial data, a financial model was created that showed relevant revenue and expense factors. This was followed by the modeling of various future scenarios, which were analysed and evaluated in collaboration with the client. This enabled informed decision-making and ensured future planning security.

The cooperation with Trustventure - and especially with the Hüttebreucker brothers - was a milestone in our strategic planning. The effects go far beyond the impressively found decision-making basis for what is probably our company's largest investment project in recent times. Not only have we obtained a well thought-out basis for clarity at an entrepreneurial crossroads, but at the same time we have been provided with a permanent controlling instrument that makes it a pleasure to develop the company further. The continuous consideration of different scenarios in the permanently changing retail world enabled by this is more than valuable. Even more impressive, however, was the very personal and sympathetic support, as well as the razor-sharp precision of the work. Thank you very much!

Heinz-Jörg Ebert Managing Director at Darré

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