Case Studies

Supporting a Retail Startup with Financial Planning, Controlling and Fundraising

Together with Trustventure, CREED prepares and revises business plans and can optimally prepare for financing rounds.

With the Double Spring Box, CREED offers an innovative and award-winning sleep system that turns any existing bed into a box spring bed and impresses with its minimalist design. This is individually adjustable to body shape and weight. In this way, the solution developed by CREED combines the comfort of a box spring bed with the sleek design possibilities of a slatted frame. The company has won all industry awards in 2021, including the German Innovation Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Regular reports on earnings, financial position, and net assets provide CREED with a comprehensive view of the company’s performance.

Trustventure supported CREED in the development and ongoing revision of its corporate planning. After jointly defining and validating planning premises, Trustventure prepared relevant documents for planning corporate development. In addition, CREED prepared another round of financing with the support of Trustventure.

In Trustventure, we have found a partner who can provide the services we need on a selective basis. The financial piano keyboard also worked 4-handed, as a team. Joint sessions with existing expertise quickly led to the desired success.

Adrian Bühler Co-Founder at CREED

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