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Fundraising Preparation and Strategic Advisory for a Software Startup

Iamhero aims to transform the recruiting industry with Trustventure’s strategic advisory and support in fundraising preparation.

At its core, Iamhero operates as a cutting-edge career platform. It seamlessly connects talented individuals with opportunities that align perfectly with their skill sets and aspirations. In brief, the innovative platform relies on a specially developed AI-based technology, which meticulously evaluates over 150 different parameters to guide users toward their ideal job fit.

The heart of Iamhero’s concept is highlighting individual personality traits and competencies. Because of that, incorporating candidates’s unique attributes into the recruitment process is crucial. As a result, the company is reshaping how businesses approach talent acquisition.

To achieve such a high level of compatibility, users have the power to create customized profiles that showcase not only their professional qualifications but also their distinct characteristics. That ensures that companies, headhunters, and cooperation partners are thoroughly impressed.

Functioning as a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution, Iamhero offers not only user-friendly daily operations but also serves as a strategic tool for long-term career planning.

With the help of integrated business planning, future business areas could be evaluated and a financing round prepared.

Trustventure‘s collaboration with Iamhero has been instrumental in evaluating potential business expansions and strategically planning the platform’s rollout across the USA and Europe. Additionally, Trustventure has facilitated the establishment of an integrated corporate planning process, streamlining document organization and preparation. With Trustventure’s support, Iamhero has successfully positioned itself to embark on a financing round, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the recruiting landscape.

The concretization of the corporate planning has questioned the business model in any sub-areas, this has created a much better view of one's own company.

Mihail Berlant Co-Founder at Iamhero

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