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Fundraising Preparation and Strategic Advisory for a Software Startup

Iamhero aims to transform the recruiting industry with support from Trustventure.

Iamhero is a career platform that connects talented individuals with the job that best matches their qualifications. The connection process here is based on a specially developed and AI-based technology that uses over 150 different parameters to pave the way to the dream job. Highlighting individual personality traits and skills in particular is at the heart of Iamhero’s concept. Users have the opportunity to create a personally tailored profile that presents their professional qualities, qualifications, but also characteristics, so that companies, headhunters and cooperation partners can be convinced.

As a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution, Iamhero is not only suitable for daily use and uncomplicated exchange between talents and companies, but also supports long-term career planning.

With the help of integrated business planning, future business areas could be evaluated and a financing round prepared.

Trustventure supported Iamhero in the evaluation of potential business areas and the strategic planning of the roll-out in the USA and Europe. In addition, an integrated corporate planning process was set up jointly and all relevant documents were prepared. Furthermore, thanks to Trustventure’s support, a financing round was prepared.

The concretization of the corporate planning has questioned the business model in any sub-areas, this has created a much better view of one's own company.

Mihail Berlant Co-Founder at Iamhero

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