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Comprehensive Company Valuation and Assessment of a Proptech Startup

Trustventure supported in assessing the plausibility of their business model and conducted a comprehensive company valuation. is a startup of the Innovation Hub New Ventures GmbH of the REHAU Group. As a lead generation platform, connects potential buyers of prefabricated houses with the manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Germany. Based on a detailed review of the potential buyer’s needs, the appropriate manufacturer is recommended, thus increasing the probability of success for both sides.

As part of the detailed company analysis of, a validation of the business model was carried out, including an optimization of the financial and personnel planning, in order to determine the value of the company based on this.

After developing the idea and launching an initial website version, the team faced the challenge of mapping and evaluating the exact lead funnel. In addition, the potential market volume after the COVID-19 pandemic and required staff numbers were difficult to calculate. Trustventure analyzed the business idea and was able to accurately identify the individual components of the lead funnel. Based on detailed research and experience, Trustventure was able to evaluate and validate the individual stages.

During the cooperation, relevant drivers on the market and competitive situation as well as existing competitors were analyzed in addition to the market volume and the unique selling propositions of were highlighted. After an in-depth analysis of the startup’s financial model as well as a joint elaboration and optimization of the model, a comprehensive company valuation was finally performed, which was based on the business model, the market & competitive situation and the financial planning.

Trustventure's support has helped us to present our lead evaluation to potential funders in a validated way, but also to better understand the market and existing competitors. A particularly positive aspect is the Trustventure team's quick response and cooperation when we came back to Trustventure from with changes to the planning several months later. In a very short time, the team validated the changes, incorporated them into the planning, and examined the influences on the rating.

Anja Hornikel Innovation Architect at

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