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European VC Landscape – March 2023

Following a prolonged period of decline, could the recent upswing in VC investments during March mark a turning point for the industry? Delve into our blog post to uncover a comprehensive analysis of this month's landscape.


After 6 month of decline, monthly VC investments in Europe increased for the first time again in March

Number and amounts of announced funding rounds over the past 6 months*

Number and amounts of announced funding rounds November 2022 to Mars 2023.
* All data from crunchbase, as of April 3rd, 2023

Software startups are once again the most popular investments

  • During the month of March, 482 financing rounds were announced.
  • Parallel to the number of announced investments, the total amount invested also increased to $3.4bn from $3.2bn in February.
  • Once again, most investments were made in Software companies, amounting to 120 investments, followed by information technology (77). In March, investments in AI companies make up the third place (50).

Top 10 industries of financed startups according to the number of conducted investments

Top 10 industries of financed startups according to the number of conducted investments Mars 2023.

The HTFG is the most active investor of march; 190 seed rounds were conducted

Investors with the highest number of investments in March

Investors with the highest number of investments in Mars 2023.

Number and total volume of financing rounds per stage

Number and total volume of financing rounds per stage Mars 2023.

Largest round was a Series B Round of $109.3mn

In March, most investments (~39%) rounds were Seed Rounds. Despite that, the largest volume of invested money was in 105 Venture Rounds ($1,139.6mn).

Table comparing investment rounds in Mars 2023.

London, UK, is once again the European startup hotspot of the month

  • Not only were the most investments conducted in the UK (#107), but the highest volume was also invested there during March ($434.9mn).
  • Switzerland (32 investments, $307.1mn) and Spain
    (31 investments, $170.9mn) place on fourth and fifth place for the ranking of most active VC countries of Europe.
Map showcasing the countries with most investments in Mars 2023.

In the spotlight: Noema Pharma raised $109.3mn in march with the help of 7 investors.


Noema Pharma logo.


Founded in

2019, Basel


Noema Pharma is a biotech company that develops therapies to address disabling symptoms in conditions of the brain and nervous system.

Financing round

Money raised

$109.3mn (CHF103.0mn)

Type of financing round

Series B


After a Series A round of $60mn (CHF54mn) at the end of 2020, Noema Pharma was able to raise a Series B round with the support of 4 existing and 3 new investors. The funds will be mainly used for further clinical testing. (


Logos of Noema Pharma's investors.

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