Implementing value-driving measures

Structured increase of enterprise values and portfolio investments

We support the sustainable increase in value of enterprises by providing operational advisory services to the management. We assist in the identification of suitable value levers, the disclosure of needs for action and the elimination of commercial risks.

Entrepreneurial growth requires informed decisions and reliable analyses of risks and opportunities. A holistic and comprehensive consulting approach, taking into account legal, financial and strategic considerations, identifies growth levers and makes growth obstacles visible.

Strategic advice to the management

Together, we identify business opportunities and risks, identify areas requiring action and develop targeted solutions to further develop the company's competitiveness. We reliably accompany the implementation of the measures developed by the management.

Scenario Planning

We provide a planning and evaluation of possible revenue streams, risks and opportunities and discuss these with the management. Together we develop a reliable assessment of possible strategic scenarios to support entrepreneurial decisions.

Analysis of existing value drivers

To support enterprise growth, we identify process-related and operational value drivers, such as the optimization of capital commitment in the company and the identification of existing obstacles to growth. Building on this, we accompany the continuous implementation of value-increasing measures.



Lasse Hüttebreucker

Lasse Hüttebreucker

Founder & Consultant