Executing transaction processes

Enhancement of transaction security in investment and M&A processes

A reliable information base is the foundation for sound transaction decisions. We assist in the examination of investment and acquisition opportunities during due diligence and support a seamless transaction process.

In the context of complex investment and M&A processes, comprehensive information is the basis for good decisions. We oversee the investment process and the extensive due diligence and guarantee transparency for all parties involved.

M&A Process Management

Within the scope of investment and transaction processes, we actively manage the communication between all parties involved, support the due diligence and Q&A process and, in the context of contract negotiations, always aim for a win-win solution.

Financial Due Diligence

As part of the financial due diligence, we perform a review of the historical financial position and results of operations of potential investment and acquisition companies, as well as the validation of planning premises and the evaluation of earnings channels and market potential. In addition, we prepare transaction-related company valuations.

Commercial Due Diligence

To support the validation of planning assumptions, we evaluate possible revenue channels in terms of market potential, customer segments and product portfolio. The result is an independent assessment of the market-side feasibility of corporate planning.



Marlon Hüttebreucker

Marlon Hüttebreucker

Founder & Consultant