In collaboration with Trustventure, tenac.io has succeeded in implementing a controlling and reporting structure that fosters transparency and consolidates corporate planning.

tenacio is developing a solution based on clinical data that provides individualized risk assessment and actionable treatment recommendations for patients with cardiovascular disease and risk. To achieve this, a validated algorithm is used to predict mortality, stroke and bleeding risk for individual patients based on individual clinical data.

The patient's risk and the effects of optimized treatment are then visualized in a way that is easy for the physician and the patient to understand, ensuring the best possible treatment for each patient.

The founders aim to improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease. They believe in the potential to prevent cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke and death by combining cutting-edge knowledge, analyzing large cohorts of real-world data and applying artificial intelligence to determine the optimal treatment for each individual patient.

The implementation of a structured controlling and reporting structure creates planning security with regard to the liquidity situation and the progress of the company's development.

Following the successful conclusion of a financing round, ongoing controlling and reporting mechanisms were implemented in cooperation with the company. In this way, security was created over the liquidity period after the financing round. The subsequent implementation of quarterly reporting ensured clarity about the company's development and increased transparency between different stakeholders. In addition, the development of an integrated corporate plan strengthened tenacio's business case and identified future financing needs.


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What the customer says about the project

„Die Tools, die Trustventure für tenacio entwickelt hat, sind super strukturiert und ermöglichen uns, eine solide Planung für die Zukunft. Der regelmäßige Report kommt auch bei unseren Investoren gut an. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Marlon ist sehr effizient und macht Spaß. Er entwickelt schnell und zuverlässig Lösungen, die den Anforderungen entsprechen und setzt alle Anmerkungen sehr schnell um.“

Dr. Georg van Husen

Co-founder & CEO, tenac.io GmbH



Marlon Hüttebreucker

Marlon Hüttebreucker

Founder & Consultant