Gleb Sokolov

Junior Consultant

Gleb Sokolov is a dedicated Junior Consultant at Trustventure. 

Gleb specializes in financial modeling, valuation, and due diligence, bringing a meticulous and client-centric approach to each project.

Before joining Trustventure, Gleb honed his skills in the world of investment banking and gained valuable experience at a European Economic Research Centre.
Gleb holds a B.Sc. in Corporate Finance from SPBSUE and an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Mannheim. 

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bathrenuConsumer Goods & Retail

bathrenu Consumer Goods & Retail Early Stage


Early Stage

bathrenu is modernizing the renovation industry in the US using technology to streamline the process of remodeling residential homes. Trustventure supported the bathrenu team in creating an integrated financial planning model and then derived a business valuation for Rehau New Ventures.

EuerZuhause.deProptech Proptech Early Stage Website

Early Stage

As a lead generation platform, connects potential buyers of prefabricated houses with the manufacturers of prefabricated houses. Trustventure supported the plausibilization of the business model of and provided a comprehensive company valuation.

Hear from our clients

Working with Trustventure gives me peace of mind because I know that all finance related matters are being taken care of in the most professional way without our founding team having to lose focus on organizational growth.

Farhoud Cheraghi Co-Founder

With Trustventure, we have a professional partner at our side with whom we were able to set up our financial processes in a strategic and structured manner, especially during the growth phase.

Kjell Ole Beckmann Managing Director REOS

The tools that Trustventure has developed for are super structured and allow us to plan solidly for the future. The team quickly and reliably develop solutions that meet the requirements and implements all of our ideas.

Dr. Georg van Husen Co-Founder