Resolving challenges

Management of challenging company situations

In managing economically challenging company phases, structured and fact-based action is the basis for going concern and future positive development. We provide support in the analysis of causes and the active management of business challenges.

Phases of economic difficulties require consistently coordinated and rapid action by the management. A focus on solution options as well as structured external and internal communication ensure that related tasks can be mastered in the long term.

Status Analysis

We prepare an as-is analysis of the company with a view to assessing the current situation. The aim of the analysis is to make a statement on the phase of the company and uncover possible causes of the crisis.

Liquidity monitoring

Based on the short-term financial status of the company, we plan the liquidity runrate to create a statement about possible room for action and feasible options.

Concept development for crisis management

Based on the current situation of the company, we work together with the management to develop suitable measures for crisis management and evaluate their feasibility. We develop a sustainable corporate structure within the framework of integrated corporate planning.

Monitoring the implementation of measures

By involving all significant internal and external stakeholders, we support the active management of challenging phases of the company and regularly examine the status of the implementation of measures and the resulting effects.



Marlon Hüttebreucker

Marlon Hüttebreucker

Founder & Consultant