Preparing financing rounds

Planning, implementation and monitoring of equity rounds

The successful execution of financing rounds requires long-term planned preparation and structured realization. We support the management in the professional preparation and execution and thus create the confidence of potential investors.

Through a structured preparation of financing rounds, valuable management resources can be saved. The professional execution lays a solid foundation for future cooperation with potential investors.

Preparation of the financing round

Within the scope of a short due diligence, we identify essential needs for action before planning a financing round and work out possible solutions together with the management. Furthermore, we draw up the process plan for the financing round.

Preparation of corporate planning and equity story

We prepare an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow corporate planning and define relevant cost factors and revenue drivers within this framework. In addition, we support the development of a corporate concept (equity story) that is appropriate for the target group and addresses potential financiers.

Management of the investment process

We provide support in managing the approach of potential investors, the maintenance of the data room and due diligence as well as the Q&A process. In questions of term sheet design and cap table modelling we are the contact person for the management.



Marlon Hüttebreucker

Marlon Hüttebreucker

Founder & Consultant