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European VC Landscape – February 2023

With 410 investments, February continues following the decline of European VC investments. In our exploration of this month's landscape, we illuminate the current trends, noteworthy investments, and key personalities shaping the dynamic entrepreneurial environment.


In 2023, European VC investments continue to decline for now half a year with 410 investments in February.

Number and amounts of announced funding rounds over the past 6 months*

* All data from crunchbase, as of March 6th, 2023

Software startups are once again the most popular investments

  • During the month of February, 410 financing rounds were announced.
  • The total amount invested in the announced financing rounds decreased to $2.7bn from $3.4bn in January.
  • Once again, most investments were made in Software companies, amounting to 106 investments, followed by information technology (61). In February, investments in AI companies make up the third place (41).

Top 10 industries of financed startups according to the number of conducted investments

Image_feb (9)

Antler is the most active investor of February; 164 seed rounds were conducted

Investors with the highest number of investments in February

Number and total volume of financing rounds per stage

Largest round was a Series B Round of $135.0mn

In February, most investments rounds were Seed Rounds. Despite that, the largest volume of invested money was in 56 Series A Rounds ($712.1mn).

London, UK, is once again the European startup hotspot of the month

  • Not only were the most investments conducted in the UK (#117), but the highest volume was also invested there during February ($964.6mn).
  • When ranking by invested volume instead of number of investments, Copenhagen ($144.7) takes the third place for cities and Denmark ($193.7) fourth place for countries.

In the spotlight: hemab raised $135mn in February with the help of 9 investors




Founded in

2017, Copenhagen


Hemab is a clinical-stage biotech company developing prophylactic therapeutics for serious, underserved bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

Financing round

Money raised


Company valuation

Series B

Type of financing round

Series B


The financing will support Hemab’s scientific and corporate growth plans through 2025, including completion of two Phase 1/2 clinical studies, initiation of pivotal studies and future pipeline evolution. (


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