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Whitepaper: After-Investement Strategy

After a start-up has completed a financing round, it can finance its growth with the help of the capital raised and start scaling. To be successful, an after-investment strategy should be implemented. In particular, the strategy should be used to increase the value of the company and secure follow-up financing.

Whitepaper: Fundraising for Startups

Prior to a financing round, it is important to understand which investor types are suitable for approaching. In addition to important distinguishing features, such as industry focus, network, or investment hypothesis of the respective investor, the company phase in particular also plays a decisive role in the selection of suitable investors.

Market Report

VC Landscape

NEW: VC Landscape – June 2022

Learn more about the latest developments in the VC and startup landscape in our brand-new VC landscape update.

VC Landscape – May 2022

Learn more about the latest developments in the VC and startup landscape in our brand-new VC landscape update.

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Template: Monthly reporting

Regular reporting provides reliable transparency for the management and shareholders and thus ensures long-term trust in the success of the company.

Template: Series-A Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is the most important document for investors in the screening process of any company. It is also one of the most important documents for the founding team, as it is here that you can further develop and specify your idea and business model.

Template: 13-week liquidity planning

Eine verlässliche Liquiditätsplanung bildet die Grundlage, um die Zahlungsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens sicherzustellen. Ziel der Analyse ist es, eine mögliche Unterdeckung frühzeitig zu erkennen und entsprechend reagieren zu können.


Check & question lists

Checkliste: Due Diligence

The due diligence process in the fundraising process includes the examination of the company by potential investors for opportunities and risks.

What VC look for - List of potential questions

In diesem Dokument präsentieren wir Ihnen die wichtigsten Informationen darüber, wie Sie einen VC überzeugen. Dafür haben wir die wesentlichsten Aspekte herausgearbeitet, die Investoren bei der Beurteilung von Startups besonders wichtig sind. 

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