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A team filled with financial expertise & entrepreneurial spirit - We come from a diverse background – ranging from management consultancy to private equity and startups. One thread connects us all: An undisputable passion for entrepreneurship and strong empathy for risk takers. We are a trusted partner at eye level, with our clients success always in the forefront.

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We are priviledged to work with inspiring teams – An excerpt of our references

Our Solutions

As a management consultancy, we support rapidly scaling ventures in fundraising, transaction and growth processes.

Our Core Values

What differentiates us from other market players

Venture focus

Our client focus is exclusively on scaling ventures, no matter the industry or origin.

Operators at heart

We are operators at heart, constantly output and value focused. For us, it doesn’t stop with presentations and excel spreadsheets.

Transaction centered

Through numerous fundraising and M&A transactions in the venture environment, we are more than familiar with levers and typical roadblocks.

Long-term partners

Long-term cooperation is the norm for us, we aim to drive value for our client far beyond the transactions.

Founders first

We put the interests of the founders in the forefront at all time while representing them to the fullest in every occurrence.

Always questioning

A critical attitude is deeply rooted in our DNA. We constantly question the status quo in order to have the greatest possible impact.

Establishing financial transparency

We create internal company structures to increase traceability

Tailor-made controlling and reporting infrastructure

Together with our clients, we implement controlling and reporting mechanisms. Through individual coordination regarding the appropriate data infrastructure, we create optimal solutions for smooth integration into existing workflows.

Regular and consistent reporting of financial performance

We support the preparation of recurring reports in a consistent style and reliable frequency on the earnings, assets and financial position of the company. These include plan/actual comparisons and detailed analyses in monthly and year-to-date terms as well as management statements on the company's development and ensure a shared understanding of the company's success.

Definition of value-driving key performance indicators

According to the individual requirements of our clients, we jointly define relevant and value-driving key figures of relevant business areas. By creating a suitable structure, we support the controlling and reporting of key performance indicators and contribute to the measurability of success in the defined areas.

Periodic management meetings

We hold regular management meetings with our clients to discuss key financial and operational figures. This ensures a common level of information and regularly addresses necessary focus topics for decision-making.

Preparing financing rounds

Planning, implementation and monitoring of equity rounds

Preparation of the financing round

Within the scope of a short due diligence, we identify essential needs for action before planning a financing round and work out possible solutions together with the management. Furthermore, we draw up the process plan for the financing round.

Preparation of corporate planning and equity story

We prepare an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow corporate planning and define relevant cost factors and revenue drivers within this framework. In addition, we support the development of a corporate concept (equity story) that is appropriate for the target group and addresses potential financiers.

Management of the investment process

We provide support in managing the approach of potential investors, the maintenance of the data room and due diligence as well as the Q&A process. In questions of term sheet design and cap table modelling we are the contact person for the management.

Executing transaction processes

Increasing transaction security in investment and M&A processes
M&A Process Management

Within the scope of investment and transaction processes, we actively manage the communication between all parties involved, support the due diligence and Q&A process and, in the context of contract negotiations, always aim for a win-win solution.

Financial Due Diligence

As part of the financial due diligence, we perform a review of the historical financial position and results of operations of potential investment and acquisition companies, as well as the validation of planning premises and the evaluation of earnings channels and market potential. In addition, we prepare transaction-related company valuations.

Commercial Due Diligence

To support the validation of planning assumptions, we evaluate possible revenue channels in terms of market potential, customer segments and product portfolio. The result is an independent assessment of the market-side feasibility of corporate planning.

Implementing value-driving measures

Structured increase of enterprise values and portfolio investments
Strategic advice to the management

Together, we identify business opportunities and risks, identify areas requiring action and develop targeted solutions to further develop the company's competitiveness. We reliably accompany the implementation of the measures developed by the management.

Scenario Planning

We provide a planning and evaluation of possible revenue streams, risks and opportunities and discuss these with the management. Together we develop a reliable assessment of possible strategic scenarios to support entrepreneurial decisions.

Analysis of existing value drivers

To support enterprise growth, we identify process-related and operational value drivers, such as the optimization of capital commitment in the company and the identification of existing obstacles to growth. Building on this, we accompany the continuous implementation of value-increasing measures.

Resolving challenges

Management of challenging company situations
Status Analysis

We prepare an as-is analysis of the company with a view to assessing the current situation. The aim of the analysis is to make a statement on the phase of the company and uncover possible causes of the crisis.

Liquidity monitoring

Based on the short-term financial status of the company, we plan the liquidity runrate to create a statement about possible room for action and feasible options.

Concept development for crisis management

Based on the current situation of the company, we work together with the management to develop suitable measures for crisis management and evaluate their feasibility. We develop a sustainable corporate structure within the framework of integrated corporate planning.

Monitoring the implementation of measures

By involving all significant internal and external stakeholders, we support the active management of challenging phases of the company and regularly examine the status of the implementation of measures and the resulting effects.

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