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Due Diligence beim Fundraising: Arten und Dokumente

Due diligence in fundraising: types and documents

Der Due Diligence Prozess im Rahmen des Fundraising Prozesses umfasst die Prüfung des Unternehmens durch potenzielle Investoren auf Chancen und Risiken. Um den Prozess möglichst effizient zu gestalten, ist es für Gründungsteams...

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Wie gründe ich eigentlich ein Startup?

How do I found a startup?

How do I found a startup? Consultant Konstantin Lotter spoke with Pauline Brinkmann from Zaster Magazine about this question. In addition to tips on founding a company, avoidable mistakes during the founding process and later fundraising, Konstatin Lotter gives important...

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Was ist eine Venture Capital Gesellschaft?

What is a Venture Capital Company?

Fundraising poses a major challenge for every company. Young companies in particular usually have to overcome some obstacles before finding a suitable financing partner. Financing through debt capital is often difficult for early-stage companies...

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Was gehört in ein Term Sheet?

What to include in a Term Sheet

Once the approach has been successfully completed, negotiations must begin and key rights and obligations must be contractually fixed in a term sheet. Before comprehensive due diligence, however, there is an asymmetry of information to the disadvantage of investors....

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Investoren finden – Wonach Venture Capitalists suchen

What venture capitalists look for in a start-up

Before founders get in touch with Venture Capital funds (VCs), they have to understand what they depend their investment decisions on and how they can find and convince the right investors. As an institutional investor, a VC is interested in a...

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